About Lakota Nite

Lakota Nite learns to survive from wolf packs she mets as she travels through  out far off lands. She doesn't know what she looking for or what she needs. All she knows is in her heart she is longing for something. Lakota Nite reddish-brown coat marks the colors for her live, of the blood battle that destroyed her pack, her family, all she ever had or known. Her paws are coated in white, so pure, like a new pure start to her future she sees in her dreams. Her eyes shimmer with mixtures of dark blue and green, like the night sky she was born under.Scars to mark her coat of her close encounter in the attack. Claw marks are left around her eyes, and a star cross scar on her shoulder. All she can recall from it was her shoulder was ripped open when she was picked up and thrown. Though the thrower is unknown, just who ever had thrown her happen to slung her by her shoulder happen to though her a good distance where she then rolled across the forest floor under a bush, where she then laid unconscious. She was discovered several days later, after believing to been died as well, by her clan's neighboring pack. They took her under thier care til she was able to travel on her own. She now jumps between wolf packs, learning what she can til she moves on once more. Many times she could of stayed with many of the packs she spend time with, but she never felt like she belonged there to stay.  Lakota is kind and gentle, but only to those who show respect to her. Show respect  to her and she will return the same amount of respect plus more. But cross her and shes ready to fight. Its not in her to fight because of her past but she will not be walked on and destroy like her parents. Though she is there to help others around her.