The Last Stand
No one knows the events of the battle, for no one was there. The whole attack itself was a mystery, it happen with out a warning or a reason. All that could been sure was that Nite Hunter and the rest of the Chaska clan did not back down from the fight and that they all fight and died with honor. It was believe that the true for the attack or the attackers would never be known, for not a trace of them was left and there was no witness.  Though it was also believed there was no survivors of the Chaska clan, til from no where a young wolf, nearly consider a pup still was find roaming the forest. For reason unknown Lakota Nite had survived, but a true miracle it was. For the Chaska blood line still runs. She hard can remember what happen, but flash backs at times hunts her dreams. All she can really say to those question the attack was the ravaging wolf pack come from no where. There was no sounds, no scent.  For many moons she survived of the care of many of clans til the day she was able to fend for herself. Now she wonders through out many lands in search of the meaning of her dreams.